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Solar collectorsSolar collectorsTest of pressure resistance, pressure losts of solar collectors. Testing according EN 12975-2:2006.
Performed testing
Solar systems and solar collectors testing laboratory provides performance of all
the tests required by STN EN 12975-1Standard „Thermal solar systems
and components. Solar collectors. General requirements“.

Reliability testing
  • Internal pressure test for absorber
  • High-temperature resistance test
  • Exposure test
  • External thermal shock test
  • Internal thermal shock test
  • Rain penetration test
  • Freeze resistance test
  • Mechanical load test
  • Impact resistance test

Thermal performance

Determination of pressure drop

Accreditation details:
Certificate issued by: SNAS Bratislava
Certificate No. S-047 Certificate on accreditation - English version
Date of issue: 13. 9. 2013
End of validity: 13. 9. 2018

Another informations
Solar Keymark Certification


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Certificate on accreditation

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Head of Machinery and Production Devices Testing Body
Ing. Stanislav ZÁMEČNÍK
Testing Engineer

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