History of Institute

Historically, we belong to the oldest and the largest testing bodies in Slovak Republic within testing activity.

Chronological review:

1949 Decision of the Ministry of Machinery in Prague, former Czechoslovakia with ref. No. 12457/50-V-IV-1 to establish a research and development plant in Piešťany as a branch of Kovotechna Prague
1950 New research and development plant Kovotechna Piešťany as a branch of Kovotechna Prague, the main scope of which was research, development and testing of products, mainly the metal consumer goods
1952 The testing body for testing of products and materials – the initial range of goods was metal consumer goods, later medical instruments and devices, domestic gadgets, metal utensils, packages, measuring tools, later the metrology activities were performed
1955 The testing body in Piešťany obtained the authorization to issue certificates and to test all materials and semi-products used in machinery industry, since 1st March 1955. This authorization was valid until 1965
1958 “Quality marking of products” – Kovotechna Prague plant of Piešťany
1960 Kovotechna plant 04 – authorized testing body Piešťany is a part of Kovotechna plant in Trnava
1965 The Machinery Testing Institute in Brno (SZÚ) was established and the testing body in Piešťany became one of its branch offices until 1st January 1965
1969 Aim to build a new testing object
1973 - 1991 Building-up of new premises of the testing body
1975 The Czechoslovak Institute for Devices and Equipment Attestation – SKTC No. 243 was created as a branch office of SZÚ in Piešťany to 1st January 1975, as a legally independent national economic organization subordinated to The Office of Standards and Measurement in Prague
1992 Change of the name: Czechoslovak Institute for Devices and Equipment Attestation (ČSÚAPZ) was renamed to Technical Testing Institute (TSÚ).
1993 After formation of independent Slovak Republic, the founder of TSÚ Piešťany became The Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing to 1st January 1993
1993 Identification of testing body under SKTC-104 authorization mark
1998 Since 1st June 1998, the institute bears the name Technical Testing Institute Piešťany, state enterprise (TSU)
1998 TSU has been authorized by the Ministry of Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic according to Act No. 90/98 Coll. on construction products as amended by the Act No. 413/2000 Coll. with authorization mark CIS 03/1998 to perform certification, conformity assessment, as well as inspection and testing since 1st October 1998
1999 The quality management system of TSU has been established and certified according to STN EN ISO 9002 standards since 21st November 1999.
1999 TSU gained an award of ÚNMS SR chairman “Commemorative medal on the occasion of 80th anniversary of metrology in Slovakia”.
2000 TSU was awarded the price “Testing institute of the year 1999”.
2000 TSU has been authorized by ÚNMS SR according to Act No. 264/1999 Coll. on technical requirements for products and on conformity assessment and on modification and completion of some laws as amended by Act No. 436/2001 Coll. within the scope of certification, testing and inspections since 1st January 2000. It follows Governmental Ordinances No. 391 – 395 of 16th December 1999, No. 400 of 22nd December 1999 as amended by Governmental Ordinance No. 13 of 25th February 2001, No. 425 of 8th December 2000, No. 433 of 18th December 2000, No. 513 of 28th November 2001 and No. 571 of 6th December 2001
2001 TSU was accredited by Russian Federative Republic in GOST-R system under No. POCC SK.0001.21AЮ23 to perform tests of machinery products and consumer goods
2001 TSU was awarded the SLOVAK GOLD Quality mark certificate No. 24/2001
2001 TSU was the winner of the competition National Price for Quality of the Slovak Republic in year 2001, in category Large organizations providing services
2002 TSU was awarded the SOPK Gold Metal for a special contribution to development of Slovak export and business
2003 TSU met the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2001 standard for the quality management systems
2003 TSU is the EU Notified Body No. 1299 since 1. 7. 2003 for product conformity assessment according to following EU Directives: 98/37/EC Machinery Safety and 73/23/EEC Low Voltage
2004 TSU concluded an agreement on cooperation with The State Institute for Standardization and Certification of the Republic of Belarus (BelGISS) and with Belarussian State Institute of Metrology (BelGIM) and on mutual recognition of test results
2004 TSU was accredited by Belarussian Accreditation System as the Products Certification Body under No. BY/11201.1.0.0135 for machinery and electrotechnical products and consumer goods
2004Mandate of Ministry of Transport, Post and Telecommunications of Slovak Republic for type approval, conformity assesment, performing of tests, periodical controls and tests and issuing of certificates for transport equipment used for road transport of perishable foodstuffs in accordance with International Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs (ATP Agreement)
2004TSU was listed among international testing bodies. The acceptance of certificates issued according to the ATP Agreement of ECONOMIC COMMISSION FOR EUROPE INLAND TRANSPORT COMMITTEE by OSN
2005TSU made an agreement on cooperation with the Office for Defense Standardization, Codification and State Quality Assurance of the Slovak Republic
2005TSU was authorized by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic according to the Act No. 171/2005 Coll. on gambling to verification of winning gaming machines
2005Finishing of works on the testing laboratory for appliances burning solid fuels in the nearby village of Pobedim
2006Realization of testing of sewerage plants, dynamical lifetime testing of products for automotive and electrotechnical industry and testing by means of the infrared thermography
2006Frame agreement on mutual cooperation in the field of testing of metrological characteristics and technical characteristics of measures with the Slovak Metrology Institute
2006TSU obtained the certificate of QMS according to standard STN EN/ISO 9001:2001
2007Award "Golden Medal of SOPK" for extraordinary merits of TSU by development of Slovak foreign commerce and business
2007Notification of EMC according to EU Directive 2004/108/EC
2008Creation and implementation of a new corporate identity of TSU
2008TSU gained autorization, notification and acreditation for medical devices
2008Extension of product acreditation in system GOST-R
2008Extension of activities according to the Act No. 171/2005 Z.z. on gambling by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic
2009Building and accreditation of testing laboratory for solar collectors
2009TSU gained an approval as a reference point in the field of solar collectors
2009Accreditation of the personnel certification
2009The award-winning finalist in the "National Award for Quality of the Slovak Republic in the year 2009"
2010First tests of EPAC bicycles
2010TSU gained an approval for certification in system Solar Keymark
2011First EHPA heat pump quality label was issued by TSU in collaboration with National Commission for Heat Pump Quality Label.
2011TSU received notification for European Toys Safety Directive 2009/48/EC.
2011Validity of notification for European Directive 93/42/EC – Medical devices was extended to December 31th
2012Fundamental changes in the organizational structure focused on supporting corporate activities
2013TSU merged several testing laboratories to create one testing laboratory, which received an accreditation of the Slovak National Accreditation Service according to the standard STN EN ISO/IEC 17025
2013Start of building of its own EMC chamber designed for testing of electromagnetic compatibility of products
2014EMC chamber opening ceremony at the premises of TSÚ Piešťany, š.p.
2014Merging the separate calibration laboratories of TSÚ Piešťany, š.p. in one calibration laboratory accredited by SNAS according to STN EN ISO/IEC 17025
2015Establishment of Certification, Inspections and Staff Development Department
2015Establishment of the Sales Department within the Certification, Inspections and Staff Development Department
2016Extension of the Inspection Body for verification of the fulfilment of requirements on technical equipment safety in new office in Žilina
2017Obtaining authorization to perform verification of legal measuring instruments - pressure gauges for the measurement of tire pressures of motor vehicles
2017Implementation of the main annual control of children's playgrounds
2018Accreditation and notification for radio equipment conformity assessment under Directive 2014/53/EU Radio Equipment (RED)
2019Extension of the scope of accreditation of the Inspection Body to support the certification of equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and the certification of lifts
2020Extension of the scope of accreditation of the Certification Body Certifying Products for the conformity assessment according to Directives 2014/33/EU Lifts and safety parts for lifts and 2014/34/EU Equipment and protective systems intended for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere
2020Extension of the competence of the certification body of management systems CERTITECH by certification of quality management systems for medical devices according to ISO 13485: 2016