List of products for testing and specialized services

Bicycles and EPAC bicyclesBicycles and EPAC bicyclesTrekking and city bikes, for children, mountain bikes, cross bikes.
Products tested in our testing laboratory:
  • city bikes
  • mountain bikes
  • trekking bikes
  • bikes for children
  • bikes with electric drive (EPAC)
  • child seats for bicycles

Benefits of the test for the customer:
Bicycle as a complex product is subject to many tests to verify its full functionality, its endurance and stability. There are more legislational requirements regarding bicycles and the producer shall declare the conformity with standard - it means, that his product fulfils all requirements of the standard.

Services and tests of our testing laboratory:
  • mechanical tests of components
  • statical tests of components
  • impact test of components
  • dynamical tests of components
  • tests according to Machinery Directive: No. 2006/42/EC and EMC Directive: No. 2014/30/EU for EPAC bicycles
  • conformity assessment

  • Testing protocol

Standards and legislation:
  • EN ISO 4210-1 to 9: Cycles. Safety requirements for bicycles
  • EN 15194: Cycles. Electrically power assisted cycles. EPAC Bicycles
  • EN 14344: Child use and care articles. Child seats for cycles. Safety requirements and test methods
  • EN ISO 8098: Cycles. Safety requirements for bicycles for young children


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List of contacts

Ing. Peter ORIHEL
Testing Engineer
Ing. Peter BÍLA
Testing Engineer

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