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Network Quality MeasurementNetwork Quality MeasurementNetwork quality defined by the European standard EN 50160 affects electricity consumption and, in the case of non-compliance with its distribution conditions, high fines for customers may be imposed.
Poor network quality can be caused by various sources of interference, such as generators, thyristor drives, non-constant load of rectifier phases, electric semiconductor devices, electric traction, frequency converters, induction and arc furnaces.

Such disturbing effects may cause transformer heating, line load, damage to sensitive devices, corrosion of terminals, undesirable resonance phenomena in the network, loss of capacitors and rotary machines, malfunction of control devices and protection elements, noise of engines and other devices, flashing of lights, active loss, loss of equipment life, increase of measurement and control equipment errors.

For consumers of electricity, it is especially important to measure the line power factor. If the power factor falls below the set value, it may cause the fine for the electricity consumer.

We offer you:
  • inspection of distribution systems and electrical equipment;
  • measurement of network quality using a network analyzer (content of higher harmonics, level of harmonic network distortion, overvoltage, flicker, voltage asymmetry and other parameters affecting the elements of the distribution system or reliable operation of the production technology);
  • evaluation of power parameters, voltages, currents, etc.;
  • analysis of the existing state with regard to the dimensioning of the elements of the company's distribution system, transformer units;
  • evaluation of the network parameters according to the relevant standards;
  • Output Measurement Report with a detailed description of the current situation and suggestions for corrective actions.

Measurement is carried out in a non-destructive way by the installation of current and voltage probes without shutdown of electrical equipment.

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Ing. Ľuboš VANČO
Head of the RED and EMC Testing Body
Testing Engineer